There are a ton of glass pipes in Colorado.

Colorado seems to be on the vanguard of just about everything in the country and its drug policy seems to be a symbol of that.  In November of 2012, the state legalized marijuana for all users over the age of 21.  Based off of a package that allowed for a large portion of the sales to be taxed, with many of those taxes going to schools, the industry is now thriving in the state.  As a result, many secondary industries have followed the pioneer drug stores.  It is a very interesting premise and one that promises to be a model for the rest of the country.

Blown Glass GiftsIt is difficult to go to a concert or an outdoor venue and not have a person walked up to you with an open brief case and try to sell you blown glass pipes. These pipes are all interesting and pretty good looking as they are very unique.  Each and every one of them is hand blown by mouth and this allows for them all to develop their own color schemes and patterns.  The makers have very interesting abilities and can turn these pipes into pieces of artwork.  And that is just the pipes that are be totted around in the park before a concert or up at Red Rocks before a show.  Outside of these areas and in the head shops around town, you will be able to find many different smoking accessories for all of your smoking needs. The diversity will probably surprise out of state visitors that are unfamiliar with the cultural that has developed over the past twenty years.

One shop in particular called, Blown Glass Gifts, has a large selection of different glass blown pipes and bongs that could excite even the most seasoned of smoker.  That is something that allows for Colorado to increase its tourism market and many of its own industries.  Not many states could claim to be able to sell all of the state’s own products in their stores. Being able to do this strengthens a number of industries and allows for the shops to support the local economy.  Really this all started because there was a vibrant black market for marijuana and the state was able to corner the market by making it legal.  They realized that there was a ton of money to be made and by legalizing the drug, they could be more open about the dangers with kids and also raise a lot of money for the state through sales.  It was a great way of incorporating an illegal market and making it mainstream.  This not only benefits the people that live here through extra tax revenue, but it also allows for visitors to come to the state.  This in an of itself has created its own industries that could benefit the state.  Tourism dollars bring in a lot of revenue, so it works out well having this sort of option available for everyone that is interested in toking up.  As long as it is in moderation, no one gets hurt.


Sex toys can help spice things up in the bedroom


Everyone has their own two cents to throw in about how to spice things up in the bedroom so I figured I would share mine. After recently attending a sex toy party and seeing the dramatic effect it has had on my sex life, I wanted to write to try and explain this phenomenon. It isn’t that I purchased hundred of dollars of lingerie or sex toys and it wasn’t an educational environment where I learned something new about anatomy. The experience of attending a sex toy party put on by a Tasteful Treasures associate is sexually charged and game changing. By going into these parties with an open mind (and semi-open wallet) you can leave there with a fresh perspective on ways to spice things up between the sheets.

I found that the number one benefit to attending these parties was the fact that my husband and I actually started talking about sex again. It was like overnight sex became this thing we did and sometimes fought over to being something we talked about over a bottle of wine. The conversations are always stimulating and have led to some pretty steamy scenes in the bedroom. I would have never thought that attending a party where vibrators and lingerie are sold would have that kind of impact. I guess there is so much more to being sexual than I had imagined.

The obvious benefit is that I have new sex toys and lingerie to use when we get intimate. We have never used such things before and so far it has really changed things for us. No longer are things monotonous or boring, we have fun and are engaged in learning about the other persons’ preferences and intimate feelings. By simply introducing some adult novelty gifts into the bedroom we have opened up an entire world of possibilities.

You can actually make some pretty great money hosting these sex toy parties. I spoke with my friend and she makes such great money that she can actually scale back her hours at her regular job. Why work in an office when you can have this much fun hosting parties and making great money? She always gets to meet fun and interesting people at her parties and her earning potential is through the roof! She can set her hours and work whatever days, nights an hours she prefers! I can’t think of another job that will allow for such freedom and flexibility.

Last but not least, besides the money you can earn and the fun you can have, associates who work for Tasteful Treasures can earn up to 10% of the amount they sell and put that towards the purchase of lingerie or sex toys of their own. Now you can add some excitement and spice to your bedroom without even having to spend your own money on it! Its what you call a “win win” where everyone is happy. Contact Tasteful Treasures today and ask them how to get started. They will give you the tools you need to be a success.


While My Sister Travels I Keep Up With The Most Recent Disease Surveillance

virus surveillanceMy little sister definitely caught the travel bug in college and it never left her, she is always jetting across the globe to visit some remote regions or exotic villages that the rest of us only dream of.  Every time she goes somewhere new I worry about her because I don’t know what it’s like where she will be going.  Will someone try to rob her?  Will she get abducted for ransom?  Will she catch some horrible foreign disease that has no cure?  Where will she sleep safely?  I suppose it is the permanent job of the big sister to worry, because I constantly do every time she says “Guess where I am going this time?”

At the young age of 30, my sister has been on every continent except for Antarctica more than once.  She started off with South America and moved her way east and back again.  The more she explores, so she says, the more she realizes that there is still so much left to see.  I went to visit her once when she was studying abroad in England and that was enough adventure for me.

Now that she has been pushing her limits even farther in terms of what new and uncharted places that she can expose herself to, I have become more proactive in researching her destinations and the conditions of each.  With the most recent ebola virus outbreaks in West Africa, I worry that she might be exposed to something deadly without realizing it.  What if there are other outbreaks that she will be traveling right into that we aren’t aware of?  I feel the panic setting in again.

In my overprotective haste I found a website that shows every kind of outbreak imaginable in real time over a map of the world.  It shows outbreak statistics that are updated hourly so that I can accurately see how many flu cases are occurring in my home state as well as how many occurrences of meningitis have been reported in any region of China.  With this website I can see each outbreak and potential outbreak in any part of the world.  As long as the public health officials in the area are aware of an issue, I can be too.

My sister’s most recent trip has been planned for India and Nepal, so immediately I looked up those regions on the surveillance website to make sure nothing deadly might be in her path….. so far so good.  But I can check up to the minute that she boards the plane to see if the situation regarding any virus, disease, or food borne illness has changed.  It even shows animal diseases and local water alerts if you’re interested.  Plus I forced my sister to download the website’s mobile app so that she will get alerts sent to her phone if she is in the vicinity of a new outbreak.

While she’s out exploring and I’m at home, I get email updates from the disease surveillance website about the top outbreaks going on in the world and how to prevent them from spreading.  Thank God for the internet.



The world of window treatment seems to always offer the same things; a great product at a great price and all as easy as your could want. For those who have had more experience in the world of window coverings, the truth might be far from that. A Lot of problems can spring up when we are trying to get a simple set of blinds. You might be able to find the design that you have always wanted online, but when you go into the storeroom, you discover that the window covering that you wanted looks a little different in person. You confront the sales representative but he insures you that it is the very same one you saw on the webpage. The truth is a lot of places have product images that do not correspond with the products that have on their shelves at the time. Sadly, many companies even display products on their webpage which are not even sold by them. The frustration can start to build when things like this pop up.

Another classic source of frustration for the window coverings shopper is product quality not being up to expectations. This is a real hassle for people who find a design for a shutter or a set of drapes and they spend the time and money to get just the ones they want but when they are installed in their home they begin to have problems with them. Problems like, they are not functional or they brake or discolor within just weeks of purchase. This is especially troublesome to the customer because many people are quick to find that there is no warranty of their window covering and that money they spent on them has just been lost.

If you want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for in the window covering sector then go for the mark of quality that you know, go for Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas has a long standing name for quality and customer satisfaction that makes it easy to but from them. Hunter Douglas does not just have a few products for your windows either, they have everything under the sun that you need. If you are looking for shutters, Hunter Douglas Shutters are some of the best in the industry and there is no limit to the number of colors and styles that you will find at the store. With Hunter Douglas you can shop online too and you know that if you see a product that you like, you will be able to go to the store and see that very same product at the very same price. There are no hidden product changes at Hunter Douglas, what you see is what you get, each and every tithe staff can also help you out if you are a first time armature home decorator. There is always someone on hand to give your their opinion of what type of product might best fit your needs and what styles go with your taste. Don’t risk it with people you don’t know, go where you know you can trust in what you are getting and who you are getting it from.

In the Washington D.C. Area, there is No Cell Phone and Tablet Repair Company Better than ZAGG Phone Repair.

ZAGG Phone RepairWith some things, it is obvious why repairs are often better and cheaper than replacement.  For whatever reason, a lot of people do not think that repairs are worth it, when it comes to electronics, though.  While it is true that some businesses charge incredibly exorbitant prices for cell phone repair, there are some that will do it for a reasonable fee.  In the Washington D.C. area, there is no cell phone and tablet repair company better than ZAGG Phone Repair.  For a lot less than most other companies charge, they can get most tablets, phones, iPhones, and other devices back into working order, provided that the are not demolished beyond recognition.  As long as there is something there worth salvaging, they will be able to help you get your phone back, and they will not overcharge you the way a lot of other electronic repair companies would.

It goes without saying that there are countless different misfortunes that can befall your cell phone, tablet, iPad, or other portable device.  Each of these problems is frustrating, in its own unique way.  There are a few issues that are incredibly common, though, and nearly everyone with a phone has dealt with at least one of them, at one point or another.  One common and exceptionally irritating problem is having a cracked screen.  Even if none of the electronic components of your device are damaged, in any way, having a cracked screen can make it very difficult to get much use out of it.  Not only that, a lot of the companies that offer screen repair offer it for an insanely exorbitant price, which often makes it not worth it, to even undergo the repairs.  With ZAGG Phone Repair, though, you can actually get your phone fixed, without having to spend nearly as much as your phone costs.  If all that you need is iPad screen repair, you should not even think about buying a new one, until you have contacted ZAGG.

In some cases, both with regards to tablets and cell phones, the glass screen portion is not damaged.  Another cause for screen difficulties is having a damaged LCD screen.  The LCD screen is underneath the glass screen, and it is an actual electronic component that makes every function your phone carries out possible.  Like your glass screen, though, it is not terribly difficult to replace, and it can be done cheaply, as long as you are going through a trustworthy repair company like ZAGG.

There are a ton of reasons why repairing your phone or device is often the better choice, and you should be aware of all of them, before you decide whether to fix your phone or get a new one.  The environment is one reason why it is considered more responsible to fix your old phone, as each device requires a ton of nonrenewable resources to produce.  So, it is not only in your best interest, but in the best interest of the planet, as a whole, to invest in iPhone repair.


Professionally Made Custom Signs Are Still Effective For New Business

When my sister needed to start seriously advertising for her new business, we started looking into our options for signs.  In this day and age you don’t necessarily first think of a physical sign advertisement when you begin a business.  Most thoughts go straight toward online marketing and social media, but signs are still pretty important.

My sister’s interior designing business was already well established online when we began looking into more options.  She had a facebook business profile and had begun SEO writing for more promotion, but when it came down to whether her clients could find her place of business it wasn’t that easy.  My sister was renting office space in a high-rise downtown so it wasn’t like she could just put a sign in the window.  She needed professional-looking advertisements around town and outside of her building so that she could make a new for her new business.

After a good amount of researching local businesses, we realized that there were a few online that offered more services for half the cost.  You can ask them to design a logo or other picture for you or even ask them to start from scratch and build you an entire sign design yourself.  Or if you already have a look in mind, you can email or upload your images so that they can use exactly what you want when printing.  And the sign options themselves go on for days.  My sister ordered a few different things for different locations and they all turned out great.  She had a few custom wooden signs made for various places around the city where drivers would see them, and she had a really nice sandblasted sign made for the lobby of her office building so that customers wouldn’t miss it when they were looking.  She also ordered a large vinyl sign for the outside of the office building, and an additional yard sign for her home so that she would be advertising her business all the time.

custom signsWhen her order was finished, most of her signs were delivered to my sister’s business.  The larger sandblasted sign was delivered by a technician and also installed by that technician so that it would last.  The finishes on each of them made them stand out next to others, and my sister immediately started to receive compliments on their looks in addition to more new customers.  So it really is true; physical signs are not outdated and unnecessary.  They still bring in business when they are done correctly and they look professional.  When most of my sister’s clients initially looked into her business, it was not when they were purposefully seeking out an interior designer, it was when they saw her sign and thought she would be worth inquiring about.

Even almost a year after my sister began advertising for her business with various kinds of signs that were placed around town, the signs are still looking brand new and attracting attention.  Hopefully within the next year she will be expanding into a whole gallery that will showcase her designs and she has big plans for her next sign order.

It is a great move to have a glass chair mat in your home office.

We take great care of our homes.  Our homes are the place where we seek refuge.  We can stay there and not think about anything on the outside of its walls and it is the place where we can find the most comfort.  In an effort to keep these places as one of those where we can find that solace, we have to maintain their upkeep.  Most have seen the TLC television shows that depict families living in squalor and that is exactly what most are trying to ensure that their homes never become.  As a result, we find that some of the biggest levels of expenditures are not on the mortgage that everyone is paying, but also for the cleaning products, the home visits by a maid, and the other smaller products to protect everyday items in your house.  One of the latter is the heralded glass chair mat.  This mat protects your floors from just about all that you could roll at it.

glass chair matWhen thinking about your home office, it is imperative to place yourself in your office chair.  Many people will go for the big, nice, fancy, manager-like office chair, but few will also consider the fact that you may need a glass chair mat to protect what is underneath the chair.  And that is exactly what the glass mat is supposed to do.  This is especially the case for anyone that has a carpeted area where they have their computer chair.  My parents had a set up that was like this.  Except, they made the mistake of not getting a glass chair mat and instead getting a plastic one.  Eventually, it did not make a different for the carpet and the wheels of the chair slowly started to grind away on the carpet fibers.  This could have been avoided, if they purchased a glass chair mat for their home office.  There are many of these mats that are out there.  One company, Vitrazza, has made glass chair mats since before the invention of computers.  They were able to look at the market and realize that people were not able to move from one end of the table to the other without getting up out of their seats.  To solve this problem, Vitrazza introduced glass chair mats to the office, so that people would have more maneuverability throughout their days.

It was a hit.  Now we are seeking this kind of product in most offices across the country.  It makes a lot of sense that someone would be looking to develop this kind of product as something that will make workers more efficient in how they operate.  It would be very interesting to see what types of products they will be able to develop considering more and more workers will be standing at their desks.  For me, I could not sit all day, so standing works perfectly. It allows for more work to get done and a greater sense of understanding of the tasks at hand that day.

Do you have the proper healthcare marketing?

Many in the healthcare industry are realizing that having the proper amount of healthcare marketing is a necessary part of being able to run a healthcare business. Healthcare relies heavily on the information. healthcare ppc By being able to properly have good information out there on your healthcare website can make a big difference to how many people use your healthcare services. Information is vital and needs to be out there. Do you have patients or clients in the healthcare industry being able to provide a lot of information to them is a big part of what it takes to be able to be successful in the healthcare industry today? With healthcare information is a key part of the industry.

Being able to provide services to people means being able to provide information and healthcare needs to the people. When it comes to having a proper healthcare website design being able to have the right information on the website is going to be a crucial part of making sure that your website designs going to be successful. People want to be able to find information on your website to be able to answer many questions that can be easily solved by using the website. You can help yourself in the website by answering questions or called in type of questions. But being able to utilize this type of presence on the web you can decrease the amount of calls coming for just information increased the amount of calls it can be answered for healthcare needs. By being able to do so you probably manage where information needs to be. By being able to provide the right information also you may need help from healthcare marketing professionals.

But being able to utilize healthcare marketing gurus you are able to use a proficient company that knows their way around designing these types of websites. He can be a big difference between someone who is not used to designing healthcare website and someone who is. But being able to design proper healthcare it is easy to see the difference between a professional one and one that is not professional at all. Make sure that you have your healthcare industry needs met by having proper healthcare needs met. In today’s industries there are hey big difference of needs between industries the past. But being able to have proper website design is key in healthcare industry. Be on this it is also important that you market yourself properly as well. By being able to have the right kind of healthcare SEO available makes it possible for you to be able to have your website seen. Search engine optimization put you at the forefront of your industry being search. Do you want people to find you first make your web presence known and shown. This will help you be successful with your healthcare business and get the right rate of return for your investment to make this possible. Be smart with what you do and who you use when it comes to marketing and getting your name out there.


In West Los Angeles, Self Storage is Unmatched in Reliability.

self storageAnyone who has ever moved from a smaller city to a larger city, or from a suburban area to a more urban one knows that space becomes much more scarce.  Due to population increases, particularly in urban areas, a lot of houses and apartments do not have as much storage space as they once did, yet people have just as many possessions as they have always had, if not more.  While reducing the amount of clutter in your home, by getting rid of what you do not need is good, a lot of people find themselves being forced to part with things they still want or need.  Self storage is an industry that provides temporary storage space, for a fee.  Whatever the reason you need extra storage space, it is important that the company you take your possessions to is responsible and forthright about their prices. In West Los Angeles, A-American Self Storage is unmatched in reliability.

Since storage space is something that many people need, right now, there are a ton of different storage companies.  Not all of them are as reliable as A-American Self Storage, though, and you should let yourself be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous storage company.  The biggest factors to concern yourself with, as a self storage consumer, are security, trustworthiness, and proper care for your possessions.  Security is important for fairly obvious reasons.  When it comes to self storage rental facilities, there are risks of burglary and risks of crimes against the consumers, such as robbery and assault.  Fortunately, with proper security conduct, a self storage facility can prevent this sort of thing from happening.  Proper security is a comprehensive system that involves actual security guards, surveillance systems, and highly secure locks and key-code systems.  All three of these elements must be in-place and functioning at their maximum level of effectiveness, in order for a storage rental facility to be truly secure.

In addition to being secure, though, you also need to know that the storage rental company will treat all of your possessions, with the care, they deserve.  In some cases, your property must be handled by the service personnel at the storage facility.  If this is the case, you need to pay attention to two things.  First of all, you need to know that the company has a good record, when it comes to dealing with their customers’ merchandise.  The second aspect of this that you need to think about is whether or not they are charging you additional money, for the service.  Some storage companies will provide this service for you, while others will charge exorbitant fees.  Even when your possessions are completely stationary, you still need to know that they are being kept within appropriate conditions.  One of the most important things that must be considered is temperature.  Since certain items can become badly deteriorated, there are temperature-controlled self storage units that are intended to store this kind of item.  You should be sure to select all of the options that are necessary for your possessions.

Steel buildings offer an economical choice for contractors

If you are embarking on a new construction project that requires a steel or metal building, look no further than Capital Steel. Capital Steel is one of the leading steel and metal building manufacturers and contractors in the country. When you choose to work with Capital Steel not only are you guaranteed great service and products, but you are also provided with options for the completion of your project. Capital Steel gives you the option to work with Capital Steel Corporate, or to support your local community by working with one of more than a thousand authorized contractors across the country. Whichever option you choose, Capital Steel guarantees satisfaction on multiple levels. All of their authorized local contractors have completed a thorough interview process before being allowed to work with Capital Steel’s customer base. When you choose to work with Capital Steel you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality of experience and service.

If you are still on the fence about whether to go with a steel building for your construction project, or go with a more traditional method, check out the list below to see some of the main benefits of steel versus traditional buildings.

1. Value

Steel is a much more economical choice than wood and other traditional construction materials. Wood requires a great deal of labor and utilizes a shrinking resource from the land. Using wood for your construction needs means cutting down trees and diminishing our precious forests. After the trees are cut down they must be transported to a manufacturing facility. With steel you eliminate the strain on the earth’s natural resources and also eliminate a major step of transportation. Wood construction is also timely and expensive, whereas steel construction is much more time and cost effective.

2. Durability

In addition to being more expensive and timely, wood construction is also less durable than steel construction. Wood can decay and and warp under the pressures of the elements, but steel remains strong for much longer. Steel can withstand the pressures of the elements from any climate, as well as the wide range of elements from one climate. If you live in a place where it gets very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer, steel is a much better option for you because it can handle the range of temperatures much better than wood and other traditional construction materials.

3. Low maintenance

Steel and metal buildings are not only more durable than wood structures, but they also require much less maintenance. With steel and metal buildings you eliminate the need for painting, staining, and waterproofing. All of Capital Steel’s buildings come with a fifty year structural warranty.

4. Energy efficiency

Steel is a very energy efficient material. These days it is more important than ever that we are protecting the earth’s natural resources and choosing construction materials that are environmentally friendly. Steel has the natural ability to retain heat during the colder months and to deflect heat during hotter months. This means lower energy costs.

Capital Steel Industries

10639 Bradford Road

Littleton, CO  80127



Help for epilepsy from the Colorado Neurological Institute

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions in the world affecting around 2.2 million people in the United States alone according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Seizures are most often something that people have had since birth and consist of abnormal electrical releases in the brain, which causes the symptoms of seizures that we often see, the convulsions and the black outs. Every person who suffers from seizures will experience them a little bit differently but in generally they can be incredibly dangerous if not under control. While not every seizure is from epilepsy, if someone has two seizures without cause, epilepsy is usually looked at as the first and most likely possibility cause.

Epilepsy can sometimes come with a number of problems though and in part because of how common it is and in part because researchers have found ways to bring the seizures under control, it has become a big point for researchers. One of which is the Colorado Neurological Institute in Denver. The program at Colorado Neurological Institute has been nationally accredited as the “CNI Epilepsy Center of Excellence at Swedish Medical Center,” a level four epilepsy center. This means that the twelve person staff at the Colorado Neurological Center is able to provide complex evaluations, including intensive neurodiagnostic monitoring and extensive medical, neuropsychological and psychosocial treatment and epilepsy surgery such as intracranial electrodes for people who suffer from epilepsy.The Colorado Neurological Institute is one of the leading centers for medical research and has some of the best drugs, surgical treatments, devices and therapies available to them because of their partnerships. All of the Colorado Neurological Institute’s studies are funded by the industry or through private contributions and other means so they generally have more financial possibilities than many hospitals and other medical facilities. Because of this, the Colorado Neurological Facility has earned the reputation for high quality work in almost every field of neuroscience. They have been able to tackle a number of different issues that cause neurological problems and take them one by one in order to help the people who suffer from these issues.

neurological therapyNot only will people be able to get some of the best treatment possible for the epilepsy and seizures from the Colorado Neurological Institute, the program also offers resources such as counseling, classes, support groups, research groups and rehab services to those patients in the program. Because the Colorado Neurological Institute is a research facility, they are often able to provide a lot more services than other medical institutions since they are getting a lot of their help and service from people who are learning or from researchers. This helps them find the best possible solution for their patients.

If you know someone who suffers from epilepsy and would benefit from being involved in a research study with the Colorado Neurological Institute, have them give the staff at CNI a call or log onto their website to find more information on their studies and if you might qualify for one of them.


The tedious process of drug testing won’t keep side effects away.

Can you imagine everything that goes into bringing drugs to the market? There are so many tests, so many controls, so many variables, which is why it can take years before a drug is FDA approved. The side effects of the drugs must be tracked and monitored and then retested again and again. All of this is for our own benefit. When my doctor prescribes me a prescription I want to know that it has been thoroughly tested. It is difficult to understand the entire process of the pharmaceutical industry. Learning some terms can help you better understand what they are doing and how things work.

Terms taken from DFE pharma

Generic drug

A drug for which the patents protecting the originator product have expired (or may be challenged). Generic products are pharmaceutically equivalent to a reference listed drug (same drug substance, same route of administration, same dosage form and same strengths) and are also therapeutically equivalent (typically bioequivalent for oral solid dosage forms).

Hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) Propellants used in current pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDI) are HFAs. They replaced the ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons. The two propellants used in MDI formulations are HFA 134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane) and less commonly HFA 227 (1,1,1,2,3,3,3-heptafluoropropane).

In-vitro In-vivo correlation (IVIVC)

A mathematical means of establishing the relationship between in-vitro dissolution data of a dosage form and an in-vivo response elicited by that dosage form, such as plasma level of drug or a derived drug absorption profile. A strong IVIVC can in some circumstances support a biowaiver.

New Drug Application (NDA)

The process by which a pharmaceutical company requests permission to manufacture and sell a new drug in the USA. The NDA differs from the ANDA in that it contains extensive data on safety and efficacy of the proposed new drug.

Pharmacokinetics (PK)

The study of the time course of the way the body handles drugs. There are four essential processes following a persons ingestion of a tablet or other oral dosage form, collectively known as ADME processes (Absorption of the drug from the gut; Distribution of the drug into other body tissues; Metabolism of the drug to other chemicals (metabolites) and Elimination of the drug from the body). This time course is typically followed by taking blood samples from volunteers at time intervals following swallowing a tablet, and measuring the amount of drug and / or metabolites in the plasma. A plot can be constructed of plasma concentration against time from which various PK parameters such as Cmax, Tmax and AUC can be derived. Other fluids may be analyzed, for example urine.

The last term is probably one of the more relevant terms to the community. Knowing how long it takes a drug to pass through the body, and how much is absorbed by the body is very important. It can effect everyone differently and cause very different side effects. It is important that safe drugs are put on the market and so the drugs must go through strenuous testing.

The more we know about the pharmaceutical industry and how they test and quantify their finding the better off the community is. The side effects of the drugs can be very dangerous and it is important that the FDA has as much information on these drugs as possible. So keep informed on what’s going on and learn some more terms!

side effects

My Kids Were Going To Love Their “New” Used Dirt Bikes

I lived to ride, as they say. My father bought me my first motorcycle when I was 11, it was an old, Honda Scrambler and I fell in love. Over the course of my life I’ve owned over a dozen dirt bikes and road bikes. I loved Hondas to Harley Davidsons, the thrill of the ride was all that mattered, there was no other feeling like it in the world. I rode a Road King to and from work during the summers, I used to ride a Heritage Soft Tail but as time went on, I wanted something bigger, something even louder. I’m not as hardcore as I used to be, I had a Suzuki JXR that I used to race, I also had a Buell that I liked a whole lot. Motorcycles have been a part of my life for a long time and my son and daughter were getting to the age where I wanted to expose them to motorcycles. Both my kids and motorcycles were huge sources of joy for me in my life so I wanted to combine them, my wife unfortunately didn’t want to have anything to do with riding them but she didn’t have any problem with the kids and I doing it. I’d already discussed the matter with her in fact and she was all for it, she said she was confident that I could teach the kids to ride safely.

It was a Saturday morning and I decided to take the kids to the dealership to try on some bikes. I wanted to start them off with a couple dirt bikesdirt bikes, maybe a XRF70 or something like that to get them started. The salesman was friendly and attentive, he showed me the new line of Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis while the kids were running around, causing a ruckus. I told the salesman that I didn’t think that I could afford two brand new bikes, I was seeing if there was any room for negotiation. The salesman then responded by introducing me to their selection of used bikes and I was impressed. I thought that I’d be purchasing two brand new bikes but the prices on these used bikes were making me think that I could save enough money to afford some sweet new saddlebags for my Road King.

The kids came over after the salesman and I pulled out a couple Honda motorcycles we thought were about the right size. They got on top of them, the salesman and I helped steady the bikes as the kids shifted balance from the kickstand, it looked like we picked the right size for them both. The kids were excited, I was too, I felt great about being able to introduce the kids to something so fun. I would also be able to threaten to take their dirt bikes away from them if they were mis-behaving as well. So, as far as I was concerned, buying these dirt bikes for the kids actually served at least two purposes.

Faux stone panels are an affordable option for exterior siding.

faux stone panelExterior home improvement projects can be very intimidating. Often times they appear to be very expensive and require a great deal of time. In reality, there are many companies out there who want to make your home exterior project less scary and more fun. If adding siding to your home’s exterior is on your list of home improvement projects, look no further than Genstone. Genstone provides revolutionary simulated siding products for your home that not only increase your home’s curb appeal, but are also easy on your budget and your schedule. Traditional masonry construction can provide a beautiful look and feel to your home’s exterior, but can be a heavy stress on your budget, your schedule, and your home’s foundation due to the weight of the natural materials that are used. Genstone products provide the same look and feel as traditional masonry work, without the hassle. Below is a list of some of the main reasons why you should choose Genstone for your next exterior home improvement project.

1. Cost effective

Traditional masonry construction uses natural materials such as brick and stone to create an old world craftsmanship look. Genstone’s products simulate the same look and feel as traditional masonry work, but using man made materials instead of natural materials. The average homeowner who uses Genstone products can save up to thirty percent on material costs alone. This does not take in to account the amount of money saved on labor and shipping costs.

2. Low maintenance

Genstone’s products provide many of the same benefits as traditional masonry work, including the low maintenance requirements. Genstone’s faux stone panel products are designed and engineered with UV-durabilty, which means no painting, no staining, and no waterproofing.

3. Variety of choices

Genstone boasts a large gallery of options for you to choose from. Their wide variety of products ensures that any homeowner can find a Genstone products to match their home’s exterior and their personal style. From faux stone veneer to faux brick veneer products, Genstone has something for every home. Their top products are the Stacked stone, Random stone, and American brick. All of which come in a variety of natural and earth tones. Their website also provides many suggestions for which faux stone panel option may work best for your home.

4. Durability

All of Genstone’s products come backed by a twenty five year warranty. If that does not prove their level of confidence in their products, then I do not know what will. All of their products are designed and engineered for maximum durability and to withstand the pressures of the elements in any climate.

5. Easy installation

One of the biggest hurdles to taking on an exterior home improvement project is the need to hire a contractor. Hiring a contractor can be expensive, stressful, and frustrating at times. With Genstone’s products, nearly anyone with the most basic carpentry skills can successfully install the faux stone panels. There are no expensive power tools or special skills required. The product can be shipped to your home quickly and ready to install that same day.

Montgomery Self Storage Units Are Available

storage rentalAs time goes on and we get older, if we’re not constantly on the move, it seems like we gain more and more possessions. There are all kinds of knick-knacks, sentimental items and useful, functional things that we amass and fill our homes and lives with. That’s not a bad thing, but we don’t really want it to ever get to the point that the things that we buy and surround ourselves with, become the things that we care about more than the people and things in our lives that inherently have much more value. With that being said, sometimes we run out of room in our homes for the things that we want to hold onto, sometimes we have to move for a job or a deployment and we need a place to put our things while we figure it all out. Self storage units are everywhere, and in just about any town that is reasonably-sized. In towns though, that don’t have enough people to support a self storage rental facility, people usually have barns and a lot of land to put things that they want to protect from the elements, so space isn’t near as much of a commodity. Plus, no business is going to go somewhere that they’re not going to make any money. So, it’s safe to say that if you live in at least a moderately-sized town, there are more than one or two self storage facilities to choose from. And, if you live anywhere near me, Montgomery Self Storage is probably exactly what you’re looking for.

Most of us work hard to be able to afford the things that we have and want in our lives. Our homes would be empty if we didn’t decorate them and furnish them with things that we thought or felt expressed our personal sense of style. We identify with all kinds of things in a material way, regardless of how superficial or genuine we think we are or aren’t. There are too often negative connotations for words like “superficial” and “materialistic” but most of the time when people use those words with contempt to describe someone, they’re just trying to be an elitist, so they can feel better about themselves. If you’ve got a bunch of stuff that you like, I’m sure you’ve got your reasons and unless you’ve got a genuine hoarding problem, then it’s ok to care about and buy material things. Self storage rental facilities are available for just about anything that you want to store, there are hazardous material rules that need to be followed, but generally speaking, anything that fits in the unit should be fine. So, it’s ok to have stuff but unlike ancient Egyptians, most of us know that we can’t take our things with us when we die. As long as we’re paying attention to the things and those in our lives that are precious, it’s ok to have stuff but maybe, just maybe, it’s time to cut down on the things that we don’t need. Regardless though, self storage units are available to help if you’ve got a relocation or space issue that you need a long or short-term solution to.

How to run a biodiversity reserve  

In Indonesia, on the island of Borneo, there is a biodiversity reserve called Rimba Raya Reserve. The Project is the largest REDD certified project in the world, meaning they are verified to offer carbon credits for those who are emitting carbon dioxide waste into the atmosphere. These carbon credits are a profit for the project, and are able to support the other endeavors they are taking on in the name of conservation and community support. This area of the world is one of the richest in biodiversity, and with the influx of need for rubber, it is also one of the most heavily deforested and changed landscapes on the planet. The biodiversity reserve has been successful there because there is a major problem that had to be addressed and fixed, and there were people and animals depending on the support and help. This alone set them up for success. They have been able to bring in income from the carbon credits, and used that income for several measures to increase the living situations of all involved. The funds have gone to cover the restoration of the natural orangutan population and habitat, and have also gone to help increase job opportunities and income streams for the local population. This income has helped to naturally and successful plan income crops that the local communities are able to support and harvest, creating a steady income stream. The reserve also used some of their carbon credit income to work toward meeting the millennium development goals for this community.

Successfully helping a local community out of dire poverty while also increasing the numbers of the diminishing population of orangutans is the way to successful run and manage a biodiversity reserve. rimba rayaThe income streams were used to provide clean and efficient cook stoves to the local communities, which increased their health and their ability to protect their lungs while cooking. They were also no longer required to cut down the local trees for their fuel to cook over a wood burning fire. Instead, they now have efficient and simple cook stoves that are clean burning. They also now have access to safe, clean drinking water that is helping to keep them free from sickness and disease. There are high numbers of working days lost to sickness spread through dirty water, and the clean water has given the local community the ability to work on the cash crops and no longer lose days to sickness and disease. That economic development is helping them all work together for the emissions reduction and the continuing of the goal of the reserve to help preserve the planet and the climate. This has enabled the reserve to become certified in VCS and CCBA, which opens the door to more grant funding and also helps to secure the place of the reserve in the local government and economy. InfiniteEARTH has been long dedicated to preserving the planet, and with their Rimba Raya reserve, they are better able to meet that goal and help the area rebound from previous deforestation and devastation.

Raval MD can help you get the face you have always wanted.

I have always had a love hate relationship with my nose. I feel definitely as if my nose is larger than I’d like it to be but it’s an okay size right now. Well I got it in my head one day that my nose was getting larger and larger as I got older and that there was nothing I could botoxdo about it. Hadn’t I heard from some one one time that your nose and your ears never stop growing? That is quite unfortunate since both my nose and my ears are larger than I feel totally comfortable with. I definitely can tell that my mother’s nose has gotten larger since I have been alive though she still looks amazing. All of this talk about noses got me looking through photos of celebrities who have had plastic surgery and you would be so surprised to see how many people actually do get nose jobs. I am so amazed. It is the thing in Hollywood right now to have small noses. I heard also one time that the reason that we are trying to have bigger eyes, mouths and smaller noses and ears is because that is what babies look like and subconsciously it reads as if this person was fertile. I am not sure if that is true or not but it’s interesting to think about.

This being one of my quirks, I have another friend who really hates her jowls. She doesn’t like at all the way her skin hangs around her jaw line and she desperately wants to get a facelift. She knows a man called Dr. Raval at Raval MD who does facelifts and lifestyle lifts and she would consider getting that procedure done when she is a little older and has a little more cash to invest in a doctor that does the job well and right. I will fully support who doing what she needs done because I pine after a nose job sometimes. Less than wanting a nose job I just wish whole heartedly that I was born with a different nose.

In thinking about plastic surgery I wonder why their is such a taboo around these things? My friend went to go get some in office botox treatments and she couldn’t be happier with the results. Why is their judgement around wanting to take charge of our bodies and do something with them that makes us feel beautiful and young. For me and my nose it is not so much about wanting to be young. Well I guess if you think about your nose continuing to grow and grow then it is about wanting to be young, my young self again though I have always thought my nose was rather big. Who knew cartilage never stopped growing?

The way I see it if someone really wants to do something about the way they look they have every right do it. There are good doctors out there like Dr. Raval who are happy to help people get the look that they want. Perhaps I will consider something like that when I am a little older when my nose is a lot bigger.

Many law firms now utilize SEO as a digital marketing tool.

attorney website designWhat did we do before the internet? I am a member of one of the last generations that will know life before the internet and I still have trouble remembering how we survived without it. I rely on the internet for so many things every day that I can’t imagine my life without it. That sounds very sad, but truthfully, without Google how would I be able to figure out the name of that one guy’s wife from that one movie? My friends and I recently took a challenge to try not to use the internet for a full week. We each lasted about two hours before someone gave in so that we could find out the name of that one lady who wrote that one book. Since this failed challenge I have started to pay much more attention to how heavily I rely on the internet. I use it for everything from ordering food to getting directions and managing my finances. The internet is literally my go-to source for all types of information. Another thing that I have been trying to pay more attention to lately is the way that businesses market themselves on the internet. Before when I used to think about marketing I would think about commercials for skin care cream or beer. Now it seems that every type of business and organization is using various marketing strategies to promote their brand.

I recently was searching for something online and a small advertisement popped up for a local law firm. For some reason I was surprised to see lawyer marketing on the internet so I clicked on the link to check it out just because I was curious. I wondered to myself, “what type of law firm advertises on the internet?” Then I realized, all of them do. Literally, all of them. I realized how crazy it would be if a law firm didn’t have a website or did not promote themselves on the internet. The internet allows businesses and organizations to reach a wider audience more quickly and cost effectively than ever before. Not only is internet advertising fast and cheap, it is also extremely effective. The attorney website that I clicked on had a great website design. The site was professional and easy to navigate and it got me to wondering what other lawyers marketing strategies were like.

I started to click around on the internet and browse through some different law firm’s websites. I realized that website design made a huge impact on my judgement of the law firm over all. If a law firm had a poor website design I felt that I would be much less likely to hire them to represent me in a court of law. If you can’t get your website together how could you possibly be a good lawyer? Maybe my logic is a little twisted there but you know what I mean. An unprofessional website reflects and unprofessional business or organization, or law firm in this case.


I think that with a lot of things in this world, we have reached our limits to how high we can climb. Man is constantly developing and revitalizing his ideas but there are areas that are what they are. Take cereal, for instance. I have been buying and consuming the same cereal for my whole life. When I was 5, I remember sitting at the breakfast table as my mother served us our bowls. I am doing the same thing for my kids today, over fifty years later. Maybe the box has changes and maybe they add a new flavor of cereal every once in a while but in its most fundamental ways, cereal has not changed and I say that it will not be any different in the next 50 years either.

Now take the automobile and I know a lot of you are going to disagree with me on this, but again, look at the essence of the automobile in the year 1915 and look at it today, it is the same basic idea. We have four wheels, a windshield, and a place to put the gas in, all the same. When I was a kid there was a lot of talk about the flying vehicle. The flying car was supposed to be accessible to the average man by the 80’s and here we are long gone the year 2000 and we are still flat on the ground. Again, like cereal, cars will be the same as they are now in twenty more years. The car is just right as it is and if they were going to make any real changes in it, don’t you think they would have done it by now?

Now let’s look at the other side of this thing, the things that have changed. I am talking about sciatica surgery here. The operations they are doing today make what they were doing ten years ago look like they came out of the dark ages. Sciatica just keeps getting better and better and better. I am amazed by the progress they make in that field. It seems like every time I turn around they are developing a new way to treat peoples back pain. Talk about a continuous and total revolution in the world of back treatment. I just can’t understand why the rest of the world can’t be more like sciatica surgery, and keep climbing to higher and higher peaks. You look at the world of spine surgery, for instance. Now there is a surgery that cannot keep up with the same pace as what is going on in the world of sciatica operations. I am not the most imaginative person in the world so for the life of me, I cannot imagine what they are going to come up with next. Maybe in the future, when you need a sciatica operation, you won’t even have to leave your house. Having the operation done will be like ordering a pizza, who knows. One thing is for sure, the flying car probably not going to be here any time soon but the world of sciatica surgery is going places that only the brave can imagine.

Understanding the Importance of Pager Systems

pager systemsWhen it comes to technology, new is not always synonymous with better. In some cases, modern technology can actually slow things down a bit. That is why a lot of institutions and businesses that need to get ahold of people utilize pagers, in addition to cell phones. While a cell phone is necessary for a conversation, a pager is more reliable if you really need to get someone’s attention. The unreliability of smart phones has led many companies to implement pager systems, for certain situations. It probably goes without saying that cell phones can be unreliable. This is partially due to the fact that they rely on satellites. Pagers rely on a different kind of wave, so they are much more stable and reliable. Not only that, sometimes smart phones are a bit too complex, for simple functions. A pager only has one basic function, and it carries it out perfectly. A pager is a relatively simple device that simply buzzes, rings, or vibrates to inform the person that someone is contacting them. It also typically includes a small screen, which displays either the phone number, the caller’s name, or both.

In terms of businesses, pager systems have many applications. One type of pager is known as a staff pager. Staff pagers are a very standard type of pager that consists a small device, with a screen and a loud alarm. They are the ideal device for getting ahold of an employee, in a timely fashion. Cell phones are easily turned off, and they often lose reception without much warning. Pagers, on the other hand, are a more simple and reliable technology. Not only that, staff pager systems are not even that expensive to install, and they are way cheaper to maintain than other means of communication. In many cases, pagers are used merely to alert someone that a client needs a question answered, urgently. If you work for a law firm or any such business, a pager can be a good way for clients to let you know when they are trying to get ahold of you.

One field that has developed a specific use for pagers is the restaurant business, but the pagers are a bit different from others. For one thing the type of pagers used by restaurants, known as guest pagers, do not have a display screen, in many cases. This is because no one needs to make a phone call or receive a message. They are simply used to tell guests that their accommodations are ready. Many restaurants frequently experience very long waits. If your restaurant is large or noisy, it can sometimes be difficult for guests to hear when their name has been called. Not only that, some guests may want to go outside or even walk around nearby, while they are waiting. Guest pager systems enable you to be more accommodating to your guests, and it helps your restaurant run more efficiently, as everyone will know, right away, when their table is ready.